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Envirotest Ltd has over twenty five years of expertise in compressed air quality validation with Pharmaceutical and Nuclear facilities being are main Clients’.

ISO 8573 is a group of International Standards relating to the quality of compressed gases. This section relates to the testing of compressed gases used for instrument air. The two main compressed gas types monitored by Envirotest are air and nitrogen.

Compressed gas supply systems can be running up to 6+ bar pressure and it is important that dew point is measured at system pressure to get the correct results. ISO 8573-1 specifies the quality requirements and Envirotest can test from Class 0 (customer specification) through Classes 1-9. The picture on the left shows our Michell Instruments precision dew point meter which can measure down to -120 deg C with a typical stainless steel tri-clover clamp fitting. Envirotest has a large range of sample point fittings to directly connect to compressed gas lines.

Competitive pricing and UK/ European/World wide reach help us to provide a comprehensive service to our Clients'.